November 28, 2023

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Accounting is one of the most versatile career skills you can learn

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From a 2019-2020 report , we know there are an estimated 217,000 Chartered Professional Accountants in Canada. Becoming a designated CPA requires candidates to go through a rigorous certification program, but learning accounting principles is a versatile skill most anyone should master. Beyond the scope of financial statements, accounting builds up one’s business acumen for the future, whether you work in any variety of industries, from customer service to engineering.

A basic understanding of accounting helps professionals of all fields make smarter business decisions. At the core of a business is financial management, including balance sheets, cash flow, and P&L statements. Incorporating accounting principles into making decisions will help those eyeing career growth toward management get on a fast track. Most upper management professionals weigh and calculate the financials when it comes to new business opportunities.

Indirectly, developing an accounting foundation improves soft business skills, including collaboration and communication. As part of developing a big picture view of operations, accounting requires efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to gathering data and intelligence from other parts of a business. The cross-functional attribute of most accounting jobs helps hone the ability to work seamlessly with multiple stakeholders.

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Canada investing in COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing



The 2021 Accounting Mastery Bootcamp Bundle features five in-depth courses for those wanting to work themselves up beyond the foundations of accounting. First, Accounting and Bookkeeping introduces you to exactly what accounting can do for a business. The course content covers everything from managing accounts to analyzing profitability. As you work towards the Intermediate Accounting and Bookkeeping course, the 105 lessons go over how to protect business assets, manage inventory, understand taxes, and other common important business decision-making scenarios.

Another reason why accounting is one of the most versatile professional skills one can learn is, naturally, brushing up on mathematics. The Business Math 101 course focuses on the application of mathematics in business. The eight hours of instruction covers how to calculate interest, assessing depreciation, and more. All of the principles can directly carry over to personal finance as an added value.

The 2021 Accounting Mastery Bootcamp Bundle usually retails over $1,000 but is on sale for $38.99 . For the new year, learn this multifaceted business skill for your own professional development.

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