June 16, 2024

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Between the murder of crow encounters shared by visitors, 1 prizewinning haiku earns its personal promising Postscript

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Adam Jude

Everybody HAS A crow story. I know, because I’ve browse them all. 

At the very least, that’s how it felt as I sorted via my inbox immediately after our deal with tale on crows was published this summer (“Crows could possibly pose a obstacle or two, but their intelligence and humanlike complexity resonate with Seattle like nowhere else,” June 7). It was, I have to say, the most strange assignment of my vocation, and a single that elicited some of the most imaginative and surprising reactions. 

I gained dozens and dozens of email messages from visitors sharing their possess interactions with crows. Many despatched photographs of their “pet” crows feeding on their decks. 1 novice photographer from West Seattle showed off a collection of motion pictures of his valiant neighborhood crows’ daring midair entanglements with a bald Eagle. A few viewers shared original haikus motivated by crows.  

Just one haiku in specific caught my attention:
Under no circumstances imagined 
feeding crows oyster crackers 
homeless in the park .

Patricia wrote that in the spring of 2014, and she shared it with me this summer time. I was touched, and not amazed, to find out that haiku won a first-location prize (a $10 shop gift card) in a imaginative creating contest from Half Selling price Guides in Bellevue.  

Patricia had befriended crows at Bellevue’s Crossroads Park at a tricky time in her existence. She was residing out of her car, and in the procedure of tossing crumbs out the car a single day, she drew a group of crows. As she put it, “What commenced in essence as ‘garbage disposal’ of uneaten treats wound up getting a passion.” She fed the crows just about every working day, and she felt a relationship to them. She experimented with various styles of treats, sooner or later settling on oyster crackers since the crows appreciated them and, very well, they ended up low cost to get in bulk. 

By the close of 2014, Patricia discovered a new house at a senior living heart in Bremerton. She created new good friends at a close by park, also. Sadly, all those crows started to stick to her back again to the intricate, which prompted complaints from other residents. Patricia was asked to quit feeding the crows. “I was heartbroken,” she wrote. 

She stopped feeding them but did go on her lengthy walks to notice the crows. She also toyed with producing about her homeless encounters with the crows. The doing the job title: “Oyster Crackers: A Memoir.” Now that is a crow story I just cannot wait to read.

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