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Deepak Shukla Discusses the Challenges His SEO Agency, Pearl Lemon, has Overcome During COVID-19 | News

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Deepak Shukla Discusses the Challenges His SEO Agency, Pearl Lemon, has Overcome During COVID-19 | News
Deepak Shukla Discusses the Challenges His SEO Agency, Pearl Lemon, has Overcome During COVID-19 | News

LONDON, Dec. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Deepak Shukla is an SEO expert, digital marketing influencer and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Pearl Lemon, an SEO agency that offers a variety of SEO services plus other marketing services like app optimisation, content writing, CRO, PPC and PR.

This year has been like no other, and Shukla has spoken out about the challenges his agency has faced and overcome during the global COVID-19 pandemic, as well as discussing what new avenues and strategies the agency will be utilising in future.

COVID-19 Challenges

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone’s lives across the globe this year, and businesses have been hit hard. Pearl Lemon is no exception, and has faced similar challenges to other businesses during this difficult time. Shukla has spoken candidly about the hardships his agency has faced, and has revealed what strategies have proven themselves to be successful and which ones are less so when crunch time comes.

Shukla claims that Pearl Lemon has lost a total of 14 clients during the coronavirus pandemic. This of course had ramifications, such as loss of income and stagnant growth for a while – but Shukla and his team reminded themselves that ‘this too shall pass’ and found ways in which to overcome these difficulties.

Overcoming adversity

Despite setbacks, Pearl Lemon has still managed to rake in an additional £20,000 in new business in just over 8 weeks. Pearl Lemon currently turns to two different strategies to acquire new business: Upwork and inbound SEO. Upwork may have a poor reputation, but it works for the agency, as described in Shukla’s blog post on the topic.

Inbound SEO in particular has been a lifeline for Pearl Lemon during the pandemic, accounting for the majority of new business intake. The agency has a main Pearl Lemon website, plus an offshoot website Pearl Lemon Leads. The SEO team ranks these websites on Google, and then the sales team fields these leads and works to close the deal. The fact that there are leads coming from 2 websites means that if one is negatively impacted by a Google core update, there is at least a backup still working at full capacity to keep the agency in business.

In the future, Pearl Lemon plans to create more lead ‘funnels’ to protect the agency further if their current funnels of 2 websites and Upwork fail. At the top of the list of priorities lies the task of hiring a proper outbound sales representative to help generate more predictable new leads, as well as successfully closing deals and generally growing the business.

An SEO agency like no other

Pearl Lemon offers a wide range of SEO services like E-Commerce SEO and CMS SEO in addition to other useful marketing services such as content writing, CRO, app optimisation, reputation management, PPC and PR. The agency values transparency, great results and nurturing client relationships, and the team always strives to give clients the very best experience possible while fostering long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.

More information

Deepak Shukla is an SEO industry leader as well as being the founder of Pearl Lemon and its offshoot site, pearllemonleads.com. He is well known in the digital marketing world for sharing insights and expertise about SEO and lead generation strategies with his audience, helping them to grow their businesses. He has been featured in SEMrush, Woorank, The Search Engine Journal, Digital Olympus and more. For further information, please head over to the website at https://pearllemon.com/ where you will find SEO hints, tips and techniques, as well as a range of services that will help you to implement them. If you have any inquiries, please email [email protected] or phone +44 207 183 3436.

Contact Person: Deepak Shukla
Company: Pearl Lemon Ltd.
Address:  Kemp House
152 – 160 City Road
London, London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom
Contact Number: +44 207 183 3436
Email: [email protected]  
Website: https://pearllemon.com/ 

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