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SHANGHAI, CHINA – Media OutReach – 24 December 2020 – Based on the country’s technique to boost the improvement of blockchain, LikeLib2. focuses on the core concerns of blockchain applications in different fields, get normal blockchain programs as an crucial breakthrough, encourage breakthroughs in crucial software systems of blockchain, and review blockchain services architecture, knowledge Essential technologies these kinds of as access technological innovation, hybrid storage, knowledge resource, cross-chain and sharding, blockchain and IoT clever procedure integration, and create a primary system for blockchain expert services, in blockchain education and learning and training, e-government, provide chain, and have out application demonstrations in crucial places this sort of as finance to open up the innovation chain, application chain and worth chain, therefore giving widespread and protected blockchain simple guidance capabilities.


A short while ago the specialized capabilities of LikeLib2. community chain procedure are introduced as a result of the media.


LikeLib2. offers a protected and secure blockchain services primary platform, masking more than 3 main modules with independent mental assets rights, this sort of as information connection, hybrid storage, and cross-chain know-how, which are equipped to promptly construct methods for typical application eventualities.


Compared with LikeLib1., LikeLib2. has a larger level of improvement in core technological innovation architecture, and the transaction velocity is about 10000TPS.


The newly produced 2. technique will not only merge transaction program expenses, but also duplicate forks of the blockchain and maximize the quantity of transfer transactions. The regular transaction benefit can be distributed between the jogging nodes.


In addition, there have been continual advancements in supporting wise contracts, exchangeable consensus mechanisms, and numerous storage networks. It can swap the blockchain consensus system and the fundamental IPFS distributed storage network in accordance to diverse elements (this sort of as transaction quantity), which can shop a substantial amount of info exterior the chain.


LikeLib2. makes use of database fragmentation technological innovation. In the databases of LikeLib2. community chain system, only a little portion of the input transactions have to have to be processed, and a significant amount of money of verification operate can be finished by means of other common parallel processing on the community.


Here, BTC and LikeLib look to be merchants from two nations. The two functions cannot belief just about every other and use distinct currencies, so they cannot straight trade.


As a result, the two get-togethers negotiated a set of regulations (equal to a relay chain protocol) and recognized a unique investing location to tackle transactions, jointly managed by huge retailers (equal to gateways) in their individual region as reps. These large retailers also will need to have a adequate volume of belongings as security.


The entire system is called a cross-chain bridge, which has technological advantages this sort of as multi-signature technologies/ring signature engineering/hash locking.


LikeLib2. works by using Lightning Network transactions and zero configuration transaction channels.


Each events transfer funds to a popular payment channel and carry out transactions by transferring resources from 1 finish to the other. The current hosting options on the Lightning Community only take care of their users’ resources on just one or a few, and they will not use just one channel with each user. Alternatively, an interior private ledger is stored to report when the resources belong to the user.


Thus, consumers do not have to hold out for the payment channel to be broadcast to the chain. The consequence is a decentralized community of custodians, with every single custodian running a centralized subnet with customers.


Before we stated the ring signature technological know-how in the LikeLib2. cross-chain bridge. The ring signature is named for the reason that a specified parameter implicit in the signature is composed according to particular regulations. On the other hand, numerous schemes proposed later do not have to have the construction of the signature to be a ring, as prolonged as the development of the signature satisfies the spontaneity, anonymity and team characteristics, and it is also identified as a ring signature.


In point, the safety of the ring signature technology scheme is pretty large, these kinds of as: unconditional anonymity, unforgeability, unconditional anonymity of the signer, and the signer can freely specify his very own anonymity assortment, forming a lovely ring logic construction, which can notice group signatures The key operate of but does not require reliable third events or group directors.


Ring signature is a special group signature. There is no reliable middle and no team establishment approach. For the verifier, the signer is wholly anonymous.


In conditions of zero-expertise proofs, in principle, it is achievable to demonstrate one thing to absolutely everyone else without exposing nearly anything substantial, and the volume of the produced evidence is small, the proof charge is extremely lower, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of money of calculation that demands to be proved.


LikeLib2. makes use of the technology algorithm (G) to crank out public parameters for the proposition, the evidence algorithm (P) to deliver the proof of the satisfiability of R1CS, and the verification algorithm (V) to confirm the evidence and other specialized procedures and suggests to eventually deliver the evidence. It can be proved that there is a secret price reset equation content with out revealing the mystery.


Data traceability, from the point of view of software, focuses on the approach and technique of tracking.


The “decentralized and distributed” technological know-how of LikeLib2. data all data publicly on the “public ledger”, and can only be entered and cannot be modified. Thanks to the attribute of multiple parties jointly preserving the simultaneous ledger, the standard information and facts island trouble is broken and decentralized administration is recognized.


In this open up distributed accounting system, the blockchain offers buyers with openness and consensus decentralized and transparent transactions and anonymity for the two functions.


The info traceability annotation is a approach for tracing the source, reproduce the historic state and evolution procedure of the information according to the trace path, and realize the redirection of the historical information archives.


The World Extensive World-wide-web has continued to iterate for thirty yrs in advance of it has today’s prosperity and “Internet +”. If we however have self confidence in the blockchain in 2020, probably we must give it more time. Naturally, the LikeLib2. community chain system has supplied the blockchain industry a gratifying reply in 2020. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.