September 29, 2023

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Can I go away a timeshare to the timeshare company in my will?

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Q. Can an owner of a timeshare will the timeshare back again to the timeshare company and does the company have to take it?

— Operator

A. Timeshares can be tricky to get rid of, and it is not uncommon for the heirs of a timeshare operator to not want to consider on the legal responsibility.

As a typical rule, until it is in an try to defraud creditors, a beneficiary could always renounce or disclaim a bequest built to him or her in a will, stated Catherine Romania, an estate preparing legal professional with Witman Stadtmauer in Florham Park.

Just due to the fact you produce a provision in your will, it does not mean it is lawful, requires to be followed or can be carried out, Romania mentioned.

For instance, a beneficiary designation on a lender account or certificate of deposit (CD) to your brother would override a unique bequest in your will that the very same bank account or CD goes to your sister, she said. In this case, the financial institution will pay out the financial institution account or CD to your brother no matter of what the will presents.

Exact same for shares in a closely hold enterprise. If there is a agreement involving the shareholders governing what occurs to shares of the business enterprise is somebody dies, such contracts also override a will provision, she claimed.

The timeshare is a contract and for this explanation the phrases of the agreement regulate what transpires and the will does not, she claimed.

“If the will provision does not contradict the deal, this sort of as bequeathing the unit to a 3rd social gathering who will go on to pay the agreement obligations, equally files may co-exist,” she explained. “A timeshare proprietor cannot stay clear of contractual obligations by basically returning the device back to the corporation except if this is authorized in the agreement.”

And, she stated, the corporation does not have to take the device regardless of whether it is returned by the conditions of the will or by the executor in administrating the estate except the agreement delivers for it or conditions of the return are negotiated.

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