October 2, 2023

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Editorial: Search not powering you on the destructive, but in advance of you and the beneficial possibilities that await

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As a tough 2020 will come to a close, we must not search driving us at the struggles that this yr introduced. As an alternative, we should really appear ahead to 2021 as a year or opportunity: prospect to get included in the community through boards on the county and metropolis facet to make a genuine influence.

There’s possibility to condition this community’s potential by involvement on the boards. In a calendar year in which Just Changeover has had this sort of an affect on Moffat County and other coal communities, we could really convert a damaging into a beneficial and use 2021 as a total year of transition on a whole lot of things.

Also usually, local community users voice their displeasure with selections produced by neighborhood elected officers or local community board customers, stressing that their voices aren’t staying read.

Relatively than allowing that imagined method keep on to make and get keep in the group, get the time to get associated domestically and definitely make an affect by way of critical decisions. Locate anything you treatment about and get included.

Just for example, Moffat County is looking for volunteers for the adhering to boards:

– Council on Growing older (1 voting seat/1 alternate seat – 4 yr time period)

– Hamilton Neighborhood Centre (3 voting seats – 3 yr term)

– Housing Authority Board (1 seat – 5 yr term)

– Land Use Board (4 voting seats/4 alternate seats – 3 yr terms)

– Library Board of Trustees (2 seats – 5 yr time period)

– Area Marketing and advertising District Board (1 seat – 3 yr expression)

– Maybell Commnity Board (5 seats – staggered conditions)

– Memorial Regional Wellness Board of Trustees (2 seats –5 yr phrase)

– Moffat County Tourism Affiliation (need to be employed in tourism associated sector)(3 voting seats– 3 yr phrases)

– Noxious Weed Advisory Board (3 voting seats/1 alternate seat – 3 yr terms)

– Organizing & Zoning Commission (1 voting seat & 2 alternate seats – 3 yr terms)

Letters of desire for athletics on every single board will be approved through Jan. 8, 2021.

Get the challenging lessons we’ve regrettably experienced to find out in 2020 and expand from them. Be the alter you wish to see. Be good, look in advance to the long run and understand opportunity awaits.

Even if you really feel you do not have the time or the need – or both – to get concerned on a group board or run for office environment, consider the time to get engaged – not just on social media – in your neighborhood. Volunteer someplace. Obtain what you’re passionate about in our superb corner of the state and pursue it.

Fairly than reflecting continually on what a rough year 2020 was, alter your outlook and do the job to make 2021 a terrific yr.

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