June 16, 2024

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Pandemic bolsters revenue at SC county’s remaining dairy farm

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STARR, S.C. (AP) — Contact it superior fortune, currently being small business savvy, a blessing or one thing else, Milky Way Farm – Anderson County’s past dairy farm – is growing in a year several companies could not desire of massive investments.

In actuality, the COVID-19 pandemic boosted the farm’s sales as demand for milk stayed regular whilst the inventory on grocery retailer cabinets dwindled in the spring.

“The pandemic improved our uncooked milk sales very a little bit simply because, when it initially hit, it acquired the stage where by there was no milk in stores,” L.D. Peeler stated. “People had been wanting milk, and I reckon a couple of persons got courageous adequate to try out uncooked milk. And income have not dropped, so they have to be loving it.”

L.D. Peeler and his son, Davis, lower their herd sizing and took methods towards introducing robotic milkers and a creamery on the farm – an financial commitment of close to $1 million, he claimed – in summer time 2019.

The vats are now in area, just one of the milkers has been sent and, by the conclusion of this year, Peeler reported it need to all be up and functioning. The creamery delivers processing for Milky Way’s dairy solutions, even though raw milk will still be bottled on-web site.

The farm is namely acknowledged for its raw milk, which is not pasteurized or homogenized, leaving all the all-natural enzymes intact.

It is a person of the main reasons some of Peeler’s customers can digest Milky Way’s goods where the versions on keep shelves can induce gastrointestinal issues.

“Raw milk is just as clear as what’s in the retailer, and it’s not pasteurized which means all the stay enzymes that the cow put in there and all the natural vitamins that she put in there is however there due to the fact it wasn’t heated and all of it killed,” Peeler claimed. “That’s what will help you digest your foods. I have had various individuals who experienced to give up ingesting milk mainly because they could not drink the things in the retail store but have no dilemma consuming the uncooked milk.”


Quite a few modern industries compelled personnel into limited spaces to increase productivity and reduce overhead charges.

Which is by no means been the case on a farm, Peeler mentioned.

“I don’t know that the pandemic has genuinely — I just cannot say for the row croppers — but as considerably as the labor concerned, it is nevertheless really a great deal the identical ol’ very same ol’,” he stated. “When you’re out in the discipline in the summertime harvesting hay, you are on a tractor by on your own in any case. You are social distancing whether it’s 2019, 2020 or 2021 – you really don’t have a great deal of persons all around you.”

His loved ones has stayed healthier all through the pandemic, Peeler explained, and continued to do the job its normal routine on the farm. The same has held correct for most farms in Anderson County, in accordance to 4H agent Sam Quinney.

“I know people today are however having difficulties, but not to my information have any farms shut down,” Quinney explained. “We’ve observed a enormous quantity in smaller farms pop up since everybody — when every thing went south in the grocery merchants — resolved, ‘Well, I need to get some chickens and goats and some cows and try and feed myself.’”

Farms that can approach their own items did not hit much too substantially of a slump, Peeler reported, noting lots of meat producers ran into backlogs at processing facilities. With small processing at Milky Way Farm and on-website bottling, they ended up ready to carry on nearly uninterrupted.

A Desire FOR Range

Peeler generally claimed he would put in a creamery if his young ones arrived back again to the farm, and Davis came back in 2004. His daughter began speaking about coming back in early 2019, so he acquired the initially of two automated milkers.

Then, in August 2019, the regional co-op that bought their product or service stopped.

“I experienced to appear at other avenues to try out to make income and not have to ship milk for the reason that they weren’t likely to take it anyway,” Peeler explained. “That’s when we begun talking about placing in the creamery.”

Then the pandemic strike.

Stress amounts are normally really substantial for farmers, Peeler stated, but this yr noticed it go “through the roof” with the added stress of retaining his family and two other workers harmless. The Paycheck Security Method didn’t supply a great deal guidance with these kinds of a smaller payroll, he mentioned, and he’s had a hard time obtaining reliable element-time employees.

But the improve in demand — for raw milk and pasteurized variations — reassured him in keeping the class of putting in the creamery, Peeler stated. If all goes very well, it need to be operating by the stop of this year.

There are 73 cows who exhibit up 2 times a day, every single working day, to be milked at 4:30. To hold the fridges entire of the butter and chocolate milk he plans to incorporate to the Milky Way brand, he may have to insert a handful of women back to the beginning lineup.

“We begun milking a few more cows to get what we want for the increase in gross sales, so moving ahead with the creamery will raise milking also,” Peeler stated.

The cows don’t know nearly anything about COVID-19, shipping protocol or dairy rates. They nevertheless anticipate two milkings a day, every working day. The mental stress of worrying about and preparing for the unidentified — as farmers have performed for generations — lies with the Peelers.

“I really don’t know what this previous flood of COVID is likely to do with the chilly temperature and every thing now,” Peeler reported. “We’ll just keep on accomplishing what we do, I guess.”

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