September 29, 2022

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Photo Tour: The Toronto PATH & Financial District Holiday Decoration Walk 2020

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This holiday season has been a change for most of us, to say the least, but one constant has been the dedication to a traditional showing of holiday decorations in Toronto’s Financial District. When we asked our readers, writers and social media community what they’d like to see over our traditionally dark period over the holidays, the overwhelming response was to show what most of us can’t see…malls and retail.

We’re going to be adding more as we find them, so feel free to tag us on Instagram if you’d like us to share what you & your company have done over the 2020 holiday period.

Here’s a photo walk of The PATH, and other holiday sightings in Toronto’s downtown core.

Brookfield Place – Brookfield Properties

The holiday decor previously found in Brookfield Place has a full backstory, with Frost, Flurry and Gust (designed by Studio F Minus) being represented in an amazing display of light. In 2020 however, the team at Brookfield wanted to bring the various elements of the building to light without attracting too much walkthrough traffic.

Still present is the tree that brings life to Sam Pollock Square. The Allen Lambert Galleria is adorned with breathtaking string lights and Gust is still present in areas around the Bay Wellington tower.

Brookfield Place Holiday (Dec 22, 2020) – Photo by Dustin Fuhs

Commerce Court – QuadReal Property Group

Our next stop is travelling north from Brookfield Place into Commerce Court. Usually, this corridor is packed with thousands of people from the surrounding office towers heading for lunch or getting a little bit of last-minute shopping before the holidays. Instead today, as you can see, the halls are quiet.

Commerce Court Photo by Dustin Fuhs

Scotia Plaza – Bentall Kennedy

We’ve seen dozens of businesses in The PATH close since the beginning of the pandemic back in March 2020. This Second Cup location in Scotia Plaza recently closed, but the mall management still decided to decorate with the same strategy as the rest of the concourse. Notice the blue arrow on the ground, because social distancing underground is as important as above ground.

Former Second Cup Location in Scotia Plaza (Dec 2020 @ 1135a) Photo by Dustin Fuhs

With Hudson’s Bay closed during the lockdown, the PATH doesn’t connect to the CF Toronto Eaton Centre underground, so we took this opportunity to walk outside and see the decorations outside Scotia Plaza on Adelaide.

Scotia Plaza Entrance (Dec 22, 2020 @ 1135a) Photo by Dustin Fuhs

This photo was important to share, as it shows a moment in time when social distancing markers are on benches and no outdoor skating rink. A large pine tree and lights in the small trees are the only noticeable decorations.

Arnell Plaza @ Bay Adelaide Centre (Dec 22, 2020 @ 1135a) Photo by Dustin Fuhs

Hudson’s Bay Queen Street

One of the only Hudson’s Bay stores in Canada to do a window display in 2020, the Queen Street location has taken the opportunity to keep with tradition while also playing into the current pandemic. Each of the toy soldiers that protect the windows are adorned with face masks and signage that reminds folks to social distance.

Hudson’s Bay and the adjacent Saks Fifth Avenue and Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s are shut until at least January 23, 2021 due to provincial lockdowns. It’s uncertain when the food hall will reopen as it is reliant on office and commuter foot traffic.

CF Toronto Eaton Centre – Cadillac Fairview

Stopping into CF Toronto Eaton Centre, we get our first view of a mall in true lockdown. The only stores open are “essential retail” and to even get past security, you have to tell them why you’re there and what store you’re visiting.

Flight Stop at CF Toronto Eaton Centre (Dec 22, 2020 @ 1140a) Photo by Dustin Fuhs

That being said, we had to share the photo of Flight Stop, as it was this was the scene of an infamous lawsuit in 1981 Michael Snow v Eaton Centre LTD. If you notice, there are no red scarves on the geese. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.