December 1, 2022

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The 10 Wealth & Finance Experts To Watch in 2021

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New York, New York, Dec. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — When it comes to financial mastery, where do you find yourself on the spectrum? Are you on the road to financial freedom, or are you struggling to make ends meet? Money and wealth in particular, are both touchy subjects for many, as a lot of us have been conditioned from a young age to believe being wealthy is a bad thing. It is exactly this mindset that keeps people in scarcity, which is why according to Boost Media Agency, a wealth and finance coach is the perfect thing you need to regain control of your financial life. If you’re looking for financial clarity, and confidence around creating wealth, look no further. Each with their own unique areas of expertise, here we present the 10 wealth and finance experts to watch in 2021. 

Cherry Tung (

Cherry Tung is known in the community as the go-to person when it comes to dividend investing, wealth building, and income stream creation content on YouTube. Her channel has grown over the years as she shares tips on personal finance. With over seven years of experience in online marketing, she wanted to reach more people and build a community of empowered millennials as they navigate their lives into financial freedom.

Outside of her vlogs, Cherry is working as a wealth coach. Most of her clients are corporate workers wanting to create additional income streams that align with their passion and expertise. Her approach in coaching is rooted in her personal experience as she created 16 income streams, invested multiple 6 figures in the stock market and reached 7 figure net worth for herself by the age of 25. And she did all that while working a full-time corporate job!

Cherry’s background in corporate finance and her endeavors in online marketing helped her build the right skills to teach other people to increase their monthly revenue. On average, her clients can create three new income streams in just eight weeks, reaching their first 4 to 5-digit monthly revenue in their brand new income streams! Watching her clients grow their income streams and net worth is one of Cherry’s greatest fulfillment as a wealth coach. In the stock market, Cherry’s largest public investment portfolio has returned over 70% year to date. She is more than eager to help more people reach and exceed their financial goals through her extensive knowledge and experience in both online marketing and finance! 

Johny Gunawan (@johnygunawan)

A Serial Entrepreneur & Leader who has been building & developing businesses since 2002, Johny Gunawan is an expert in the field of personal development and finance. He is an active member in many NGO, Career & Financial organizations and recently founded his own company, 7G Wealth, a wealth consultant company which achieved high-speed growth, expanding to become Hartanah Group.

Hartanah Group helps their clients with the wealth creation process, how it is applied, and delivering products as a solution. Their products are Cooperative, Business Education and Equity Crowdfunding, and they are the only one in Indonesia to provide Public Auditor Reports – becoming one of the most transparent and performing cooperative in Indonesia. Being able to be supported by hundreds and thousands of crowd investors, as well as customers to become more sustainable puts them in a very unique position in the market.

Johny’s wealth creation and accumulation strategies are applied to delivering financial products as a solution, combined with world class risk management principles. That’s why they are able to keep on delivering their promise and manage their liquidity risk, even in the midst of a pandemic. Johny also achieved the youngest certified Master Trainer in Career Direct GE International history, educating and certifying people all around the world.

Dominique Mullally (@dominiquemullally)

With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Dominique Mullally also boasts of qualifications in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and Analytical Hypnotherapy. Unlike many others, Dominique has both the experience and qualifications to coach people towards wealth mastery – not just one or the other. She has extensive experience in advising both offline and online businesses on how to maximize profitable opportunities and leverage for personal wealth.

As the founder of Financially Fierce Females, Dominique is on a mission to expand women’s consciousness on business wealth while arming them with the right skill set and mindset. Through monthly memberships and through her signature program, Women of Wealth Accelerator, she empowers women to take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals. Taking a two-pronged approach, she encourages women to bridge the gap between mindset and skill set to fundamentally grow their money to work hard for them, rather than them having to work hard for it.

Dominique walks the talk as she has achieved financial independence at the age of 31 using the same strategies she teaches. She has a portfolio of assets that afford her an invaluable power of choice. This is a woman who knows how to make her money work for her.

Nancy Nnadi (@coachnancynnadi)

An award-winning serial entrepreneur who paid her way through school with the meagre ₦3000 she was earning as an office assistant is the CEO of a multi-million Naira business Agunancy Nig. Ltd (aka Gidco Telecoms), which she founded 14 years ago. Nancy Nnadi is also the founder of JobconnectNG Consulting Limited, Agunancy Multipurpose Co-operative Society Limited, and The Nancy Nnadi Company. She is a member of the board of directors, Cititrust Financial Services Group PLC, a subsidiary of Cititrust Holdings PLC.

Through her business structure and finance coaching, she helps entrepreneurs go from scarcity to abundance, using her signature “5 Wallet System”. Today, she devotes her time to helping small business owners manage and multiply their business finances, attain and sustain growth in their business, through speaking, coaching and training.

Nancy’s faith is at the center of her work, and biblical principles have helped her rebuild her life even after her first business failed. “Anybody can weather the storm if they are willing to follow principles and structure their business” Nancy explains.

As someone who sponsored herself through school after losing her dad at age 18, Nancy knows what it means to start from nothing – she spreads this message of inspiration and intentional action through various platforms by speaking in conferences, churches, and corporate communities; inspiring entrepreneurs to do business diligently, intelligently, and ethically. Her wealth and finance coaching is world class, and is certainly one to keep an eye on in 2021.

Kathleen Di Paolo (@wanderers.wealth)

Kathleen Di Paolo is a full-time traveler, founder, and CEO of Wanderers Wealth. She has accumulated invaluable experience in advising clients how to do business abroad, solve international residency, and global incorporation matters from her traveling and her previous work as an international tax lawyer and in diplomacy. With her international profile, she has visited over 40 countries, lived in more than 3 different countries, and is fluent in 5 different languages. From her 2 years of full-time traveling, she has helped hundreds of digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers, expats, location-independent entrepreneurs around the world with their international tax and corporate concerns. 

Wanderers Wealth is fully committed to helping people with all things tax-related such as tax residency, incorporating a business to minimize taxes, and banking solutions. Their clients are ensured to get the highest level of support by presenting them with alternative international strategies based on their personal needs, figuring out which countries are best suited for them to obtain tax residency, or what business structure will benefit them the most. They break down all the negative stereotypes surrounding taxes and offshore companies. They believe that businesses don’t need to be as big as Google or Amazon before deciding on a tax strategy. The company’s vision is to be the leader in providing personal consulting to clients’ unique circumstances and the ever-changing environment by providing digital products that are within everyone’s budget.

Kathleen possesses a broad range of competencies in the international business and tax industry. She believes that getting a quality international tax consultant will save businesses a lot of time, money, and stress for many years. She ensures that her clients have a proper understanding of the implications of the international tax strategies and corporate structures and help them navigate through an increasingly tough regulatory and tax environment.

Simone Mercer-Huggins – @mswealthyofficial

Meet Simone Mercer-Huggins, founder of Ms Wealthy. Ms Wealthy is a no-BS financial education and empowerment company for women, here to normalise wealth amongst women by teaching them to invest, build wealth, create financial freedom and become confident around making, keeping and growing money. “Ms Wealthy is about combining both practical money management and wealth building strategies with money mindset – because you can’t have one without the other” Simone says. 

Simone also hosts a podcast called Kiss My Money, as well as online programs to teach women how to manage their money, invest in the stock market and how to master the mindset of wealth. Through her coaching, programs and podcast, Simone has been able to create a space where women can feel safe in a typically intimidating male dominated financial industry. “I aim to make finance fun… ultimately I want all women to be wealthy” Simone says. “My holistic and integrative approach – practical and mindset/energetic combined is what sets me apart as most other companies only focus on one aspect such as manifesting, without any practical money strategies, or very dry and dull strategies without the mindset piece,” she states. 

Lisa Seery (@lisaseeryfinance)

Lisa Seery is a money expert and financial coach who helps women eliminate money stress, gain financial clarity, and become confident creating wealth for themselves. After 15 years in the investment industry working with Global 100 clients, she felt pulled to help women in a more impactful way. She found passion educating women of all backgrounds on how to claim their financial power by spending in alignment with their values while saving and investing towards their goals. 

After investing $220,000 in her early 30’s, Lisa took a 19-month work hiatus to travel, decompress, and find grounding. During that time, she discovered two things that would inspire her future pursuits: how to fill her cup, and the opportunities that saving and investing afforded her. She knew she had to get more women talking about money without shame or fear. Wealth is something that every woman deserves yet so many women don’t feel comfortable talking about it. Lisa also pursued her health coach certification and later nutritional therapy practitioner designation. Having a passion for health allows her to have a holistic view of money, the emotions involved, and the impact it has on women’s self-worth and overall well-being.

Through her signature 90-day group program, Wealthy Within, Lisa teaches her clients how to have millions by the time they retire while still enjoying life. She strongly believes that strict budgeting is too restrictive, and you don’t have to stop spending money in order to grow it. Aside from coaching, she also created a free starter guide and a self-paced investing course, Straight Up Investing. Lisa hopes to inspire more women to live unapologetically.

Helen Lu (@the.moneyminimalist)

Helen Lu graduated from the University of Delaware and paid off $25k in student loans while growing her net worth to over six figures – all in just 4 years! She is currently a full-time Technology Consultant and Instagram content creator in her free time to share relatable personal finance tips for young professionals.

As a millennial herself, Helen knows more than anyone the desire to break free from the 9-5 grind and the importance of preparing for early retirement. She started The Money Minimalist in July 2020 to help busy millennials achieve these goals and to prove that anyone with the means to invest can become a millionaire by consistently investing in index funds. She teaches young investors the basics of saving and investing so they can walk away from their jobs with financial freedom and security. Helen provides a balancing perspective of enjoying life to the fullest while investing for an exciting future of traveling and living abroad without needing to work a 9-5.

On her Instagram platform, she reaches out to her audience by sharing how-to guides and tips on investing in company 401ks, Roth IRAs, HSAs, brokerage accounts, real estate, and many more! She is now offering personal coaching sessions and will be expanding her blog to offer downloadable content, expense trackers, and live workshop sessions!

Beatriz Alvarez Soto (@thewealthylatina)

Beatriz Alvarez-Soto is the founder of The Wealthy Latina, an online membership community created to empower, teach, and support Latinas on their journey to financial freedom. She started the community because she’s passionate about improving people’s way of thinking towards money, connecting people to financial resources, and seeing women of color make more money for themselves.

Growing up in a first-generation immigrant family, she saw her mother gave up all financial power to her father simply because her mother felt like she was not earning enough to contribute to the financial decisions in their family. From such a young age, she already realized that managing money is highly influenced by emotions. 

With nearly a decade of experience working in the financial industry, Beatriz was able to understand why most people were in debt, struggling to pay their bills, and living paycheck-to-paycheck. Realizing the need to spread financial literacy, Beatriz ventured into the world of coaching.

The Wealthy Latina is highly committed to increasing the financial literacy of Latinas. Inside the online membership, clients will be given access to 1:1 financial planners and money coaches. There are also sessions with financial experts who will share their strategies for acquiring wealth. Other educational resources will also be provided to help their clients achieve their financial goals. Lastly, all those who are part of the community will be able to interact with each other through a private forum, supporting each other as they transform the quality of their lives.

Helena Olivier-Guedes (@helenaolivierguedes)

Helena Olivier-Guedes is a South African wealth and finance coach with a background in Chartered Accounting. After working in external audits, she realized that helping small business owners, specifically creatives and coaches, is her passion. Due to this realization, she established her business, Helena Olivier-Guedes Finance Coaching & Consulting.

Helena Olivier-Guedes Finance Coaching & Consulting aims to assist coaches and creative business owners pay off their debt, increase their revenue by 95%, and triple their profits through finance, accounting, business coaching, and consulting.

Unlike many other coaching services, Helena provides not only coaching, but also implements financial organization systems for her clients. Combining her background in chartered accounting, love for business coaching, and understanding of a creative, she can relate to her clients and coach them with the technical skills necessary in their businesses. 

Helena has worked with clients in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe. She believes that through entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting, she can help change the lives of thousands of business owners. If you’re looking for an expert to help you with accounting and finance, Helena has the knowledge and breadth of experience to get you there. 

Make sure to follow each of these amazing wealth & finance experts as they continue to thrive and help their clients build their wealth. Each of their Instagram’s have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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